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Bariatric Surgery

Get your body in shape, remove unnecessary fat and check weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad at Pushya

If you are lying in the category, who can’t sustain weight loss without any non-surgical procedure. You can be evaluated with appropriate weight loss surgery to lose weight by our weight loss surgeons in Ahmedabad.

Bariatric Surgery

The surgery is known as bariatric surgery, and it is an important operation for the person who is suffering from the overweight problem and seeking help for weight loss. It is considered and categorized in the non-surgical method of weight loss.

Our experienced doctors suggest that,

If you want this surgery for the weight loss then you should make a very serious and lifelong commitment for the change in your daily life. After the evaluation of your body fat if necessary then you undergo surgery to lose desired weight. The surgery includes various procedures performed on obese people.

How and when bariatric surgery will be performed?

First of all,

For the evaluation of your body fat you need to measure the BMI( Body Mass Index) and if it is more than 32.5 then you can feel the illness related to the excess of the weight. You have not been able to maintain weight loss with the exercise and diet. It is likely to be a candidate for the overweight.

There are many health conditions related to overweight can be improved and that can be resolved after bariatric surgery. The overweight may cause high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoarthritis of the bearing joints, infertility in women, gastroesophageal reflux, stress urinary incontinence, etc.

There are various widely accepted criteria that make a patient suitable for bariatric surgery:
  • BMI>37 with or without obesity disease
  • >35 if disease associated such as diabetes, sleep apnea
  • No Psychiatric record noted
  • Weight greater than noted and about ideal body weight, height
  • Ability to understand the risks and commitment of the surgery
  • Not anticipated with the pregnancy first two years
  • Age should be more than 12 years old

Considerations to get bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad

  • It is the long-term success of surgery, so it depends on the patient's commitment to follow advice on complementary medications, lifestyle, eating habits.
  • To lose weight, it includes health risk also that comes with obesity.
  • The assessment of the risk and benefits can be chosen by you and be ready for the proper weight loss surgery.

After doing surgery, the patients improve their body significantly also they get the social and economic opportunity with the appearance and physical functioning.

Risks are classified invariant terms, such as shoulder pain, abdominal infections etc. Before going anywhere, you just have to confirm that will be the best bariatric surgery provider hospital in Ahmedabad. We are one of that, and you can rely on us for the same. To reduce the risk of the obesity post effects, to maintain your weight, to get into shape and to get the best look ever you can connect us in future. Surgery that gives you all the benefits among listed provide you by the best surgeon possible.