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Services - International Patients

Accommodation, Travel & Foreign Currency

  • Assistance in arranging accommodation at hotels or guesthouses in the vicinity, local travel and foreign currency exchange is provided by customer care

Financial Information

  • The Finance Manager or Insurance Coordinator can be contacted for information regarding cost of services at the hospital
  • All international patients need to deposit the appropriate amount quoted at the time of admission
  • In case of fund transfers to the hospital account, the customer care should be contacted

Language Interpretation

  • Language interpreter service is made available on advance request


  • The hospital offers cashless facility to patients who would like to avail medical services through insurance agencies. For further information the Insurance Coordinator can be contacted

Made to Order Cuisine

  • Special diet will be arranged to suit the requirements of international patients. The kitchen is staffed with well-trained chefs who cater to a variety of cuisines. Companion’s meals are available through Café Pushya.

Discharge of Patients and Bill Settlement

  • Discharge process is initiated only after the Consultant deems the patient fit for discharge and completes the discharge summary
  • It takes approximately two hours to process the discharge and prepare the final bill
  • On confirmation of discharge, documents, medication and formalities pertaining to the final bil will be processed.
  • We accept payment via all major credit cards, traveler cheque, wire-transfer and cash
  • The discharge summary including drug prescription, investigation reports and medicines will be handed over to the patient
  • The consultant, on request may issue a medical certificate

Pending Reports

  • During the time of discharge, please ensure that you collect all investigation reports. Reports that are not available at the time of discharge can be collected later from the main reception counter


  • The patient or family should not extend gratuities such as money or gifts

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