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Joint Replacement Surgery Doctor in Ahmedabad

Joint Replacement Surgery Doctor in Gujarat

Joint replacement surgery includes the treatment of joints as surgeons remove the broken or damaged parts with the new and functional parts. These parts are multifunctional in working and can help the patient to move smoothly. Replacement of joint can reduce pain, and that’s how a person can move smoothly without any complications. Body parts like knee and hip can be replaced as it performs with hip replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad or we can rely on best knee replacement hospital in Ahmedabad. Pushya is one of the prominent names in providing such surgery or treatment. A patient can replace shoulders, fingers, ankles and elbows.

Joint Replacement Surgery Doctor in Ahmedabad

In case of injury and accident joint replacement surgery doctor in Gujarat is necessary and in other cases like unmovable joint, trauma and other painful problems. There’s way to get rid of such pain, and that is physiotherapy, but you must have to seek the help of joint replacement surgery in Ahmedabad in case of inconvenience and as the other option.

Main Joint replacement surgeries in Gujarat, we serve at Pushya Hospital are :-

• Total Knee replacement

• Total Hip replacement

• Shoulder joint replacement

• Ankle joint replacement

• Elbow joint replacement

Surgery includes many processes, and one of them was anaesthesia; a professional surgeon will stop one side of the body to treat and replace joints. It is necessary to block affected areas because there’s a chance you may feel the pain. Surgeons from the Pushya Hospital will inspect your body before giving you anaesthesia and check if any part alive. Pushya always suggests those patients or victims get the treatment from best knee replacement hospital in Ahmedabad as that’s how the surgeon will get to know about recovery. Once you are done with the treatment can move slowly slowly and if there’s still a pain in your new joint, then can resolve with appropriated and allocated medicine. The best way to recover yourself soon from such a tiny problem is physiotherapy as it helps you to enhance the strength of your weak muscles and joints. And that’s how you can continue with your routine life.

Physiotherapists at Pushya Hospital, Ahmedabad observe your new joint condition and guide you regarding physiotherapy; we suggest regular follow-ups for your physiotherapy according to the schedule and requirement.

Why Pushya Hospital ?

  • Natural Knee Preservation-Microplasty Uni Condylar Knee Replacement with the Highest Happy Patient Series
  • Most advance center for Innovative high precision Total Knee and Hip Replacement
  • Updated in knowledge and state of the art technology blended with the best knee replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad.
  • Revision Surgeries for Failed Joint Replacement
  • Navigation System for precise implant placement