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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

“Passion for Care” by advocating quality treatment with empathy and timely management of human sufferings.

Our Mission

To provide world standard healthcare solutions by great Core values of Teamwork, services, quality care and responsibility with human expertise and highest professional standards at competitive costs.

Our Core Values

We, the members of the Pushya Hospitals, hold the following values to be the foundation of our identity. We shall endeavour to think and act at all times in accordance with these values.

  • We are Patient Centric. We put the needs of the patient first in all our actions.
  • We welcome change for the better; our approach is always positive with a ‘can-do’ spirit.
  • We build the capabilities of our people. This is fundamental to our growth in business.
  • We give our best in all that we undertake and are committed to deliver on time.
  • We innovate through our ideas, approaches and efforts - at every opportunity.
  • We remain modest and humble in our achievements. Our work speaks for itself.
  • We seek value and maximize our gains by using our resources judiciously.