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The best and safe surgery performed by the best doctor for neurosurgery in Ahmedabad in Pushya Hospital

Pushya has evolved into neurosurgery hospital in Ahmedabad, and that has undergone many different transitions and improved the reach. We match every standard of the modern neurosurgery hospital in every patient care.

Best Neurosurgeons

We have a department of neurosurgery, and every neurosurgeon has extensive experience in the care of patients with the causes related to the spine, cerebrovascular, spine and others, they are known as best neurosurgeons in Ahmedabad.

The team of neurosurgeons performs thousands of neurological procedures every year, making them the expert in the entire region. They work closely with our specialists, especially oncology, neurology and neuroradiology.

We specialize in:
  • Computer-assisted stereotactic surgery
  • Epilepsy Surgical treatment
  • Cerebrovascular disorder
  • Surgery for the deep-seated brain tumours
  • Pituitary tumours surgery
  • Neuronavigation

Speciality in pain management by best neurosurgeons in Ahmedabad

Pushya hospital is specialized in neurology, with the specialized and technologized treatment. Our hospital is equipped with the latest machines that can help our neurosurgeons.

As per our specialists, Neurosurgery is the medical specialty that provides the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of every disorder that affects any part of the nervous system. That includes the brain, peripheral nerves, spinal cord and cerebrovascular system.

Mostly it is related to the brain, and are a dedication to the only multidisciplinary consortium and provides comprehensive tumour surgery in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. We have advanced neuro-trauma facilities that provide the best management, include the rehabilitation.

The muscles and nerves and other disorders of the brain, the spine can be treated by our best neurosurgeon in Ahmedabad. We treat by checking the conditions and diseases.

The main objective is total and complete patient care under the one roof. We have a unique centre for all types of treatment-related in Gujarat.

We also provide other treatment as well, search for the best doctor for cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad

We do the many types of facilities such as,

  • All benign tumours and malignant involved with the brain.
  • Tumours derived to the scalp.
  • Modern neurological facilities.
  • CT scanner.
  • Full time back up.
  • Pressure controlled devices.
  • Aneurysms surgery.
  • Critical care expert.

When the brain is responsible for the pathologies eliminated to achieve clinical relief, you need to check the service of us. In the part of the brain, the surgery should require more care and attention. If you don't do by the best and very experienced surgeon, you will suffer from the more dangerous disease.

In Pushya, the team is qualified, has the modern techniques to treat, has proper knowledge, facility to perform surgery, after surgery support, these are all good points are indulged. We also have the best doctor for cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad. You can also get the desired look to get this treatment from Pushya. Book an appointment for the same and come by checking when the doctor is coming. We are ready to treat you in every situation.