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Chairman Message

Dear Patient,

"Pushya Hospital is our new establishment. After a decade of practice in medical field, I as a doctor grown up with blessings of thousands of patients and friends. It was a journey for a medical graduate to establish a centre of medical excellence as a motive of giving back to society. Pushya multi-speciality hospital has focused care in various sub specialities of orthopaedics & intensive care by providing best of the medical technology and human expertise."

Dr. Viral Shah,
Director - Pushya Hospital

"The name of Pushya Multi Speciality Hospital is based on the word 'Pushya', which means “To Serve”. The motto of Pushya Hospital is “Passion for Care”, that is, we are committed to care for our patients.

Pushya Hospital is a 52 bed Multi Speciality Hospital. It offers medical and surgical treatments in Spinal Surgery, Knee and other Joint Replacement Surgery, Dental Surgery, Trauma and Fracture Surgery, Arthroscopy, Urology and Gynaecology, Cancer surgery, Neurosurgery, Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgery, Internal Medicine, ENT Surgery and Ophthalmology.

Pushya has a team of Medical and Surgical specialist doctors, medical equipment with the latest technology, trained medical staff and management staff; all of whom are available 24 x 7. The technology we use is meant for giving the best results, and that gives 100% support to our doctors. The infrastructure of Pushya Hospital has been constructed to be patient friendly. Patients who come for medical treatment are also supported in every way, especially psychological, physical and financial matters. The hospital management monitors every system 24 x 7 and also gives personalised care on a one to one basis to every patient. Our mantra is: “The patient is our First Priority!”

At the time of discharge the satisfaction of our patients justifies our motto: “Passion for Care”. Pushya Hospital offer different packages for Health Check Up which includes Corporate Health Check Up Plans as well. We also cater for cashless treatment to patients covered by private medical insurance companies. "

Mrs. Shaishvi Patel,
Director - Pushya Hospital