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Pushya Hospital: Offering you specialized and best critical care in Ahmedabad

Critical care is a specialty of medical care, and who provides it matters a lot. Pushya is coming with the best critical care in Ahmedabad for critical patients with acute injuries and illness. We have many critical care units, are fully equipped with required specialties.

Best ICU Emergency Hospital

Critical condition (seriously injured or life-threatening illness) need special care and attention to heal. Either due to a car accident, stabbing or bullet wound, burns, industrial accident. Illness or injuries such as pneumonia, poisoning, heart attack, premature birth, stroke, and other surgical complications can be treated under critical treatment by our doctors.

At the accident site, or in an ambulance, or in the emergency room of a hospital or in the operating our skilled and highly trained doctors and other staff inclusive of nurses, compounders, medical officers, and helpers are ready to serve.

The health professionals lead the process to the best outcome for the patient.

The Intensive care units (ICU) are made like to match every international standard. They contain ultramodern facilities, best infrastructure and it is led by the team of experienced doctors.

Our Vital features of 24*7 ICU & EMERGENCY SERVICES Ahmedabad

We have noticeable 24*7 ICU & Emergency services in Ahmedabad that gets you here for you or your family member's treatment.

Here are those,

  • All benign tumours and malignant involved with the brain.
  • Special facilities for the proper dialysis in ICU.
  • Automatic ICU beds for the comfort of patients.
  • Wireless central nursing station.
  • Ultramodern room, with extensive care.
  • Facilities for the family member.
  • All required equipment related to your treatment.
  • Special isolation room with the central monitored facility.
  • Monitors with double IBP.
  • 24 hours, central oxygen, air and vacuum supply.
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilators with the weaning modes.

Best ICU in Ahmedabad comprise essential services that you need

Patient in an emergency hospital in Ahmedabad, get 24-hour access to advanced mechanical ventilation, a modern and efficient radiology department, invasive hemodynamic monitoring system for your treatment solution.

The ICU at the Pushya hospital in Ahmedabad is run by the trained and specialized doctors who provide dedicated and continues care to critically ill patients with the variety of surgical conditions or medical state that require multi-organ support.

All age group are treated here, and that provides very high survival at low mortality and discharge at Pushya Hospital. We have a team that has the best configuration of preoperative care to improve surgical outcomes.

Have state-of-the-art emergency unit to provide assistance to any well-equipped and emergency ICU at ambulance services for the critical patients as well.

Services you can get in emergency care…
  • Staff: each medical team is a highly qualified medical professional
  • Emergency telephone: Emergency calls 24 hours
  • ICU on wheels: Reliable and well-equipped ambulance

Having the best ICU in Ahmedabad, we provide the proper intensive care to each and every patient by reflecting successful results. The Pushya Hospital guarantees of presence when an emergency comes. We have a full-fledged emergency room, and in that, you will be treated by a qualified and experienced team of doctors available 24*7.