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Spine Surgery

Best medical treatment centres for spine surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Get rid of back pain! Best treatment available at Pushya hospital

Pushya hospital is one of the leading hospitals for any procedure in Ahmedabad. Most people come with some of their body parts are being struck, with somehow particularly painful feeling. The availability of good treatment facility and most experienced spine surgeons in India spine surgery hospital.


Different treatment for different spine disorder

Spine treatment is must require when the symptoms of spine disorders affect daily routine life, and chronic back pain starts. Medical treatment centres for spine surgery service provide at Pushya hospital as the best spine surgery treatment. Here different surgical procedures for spine treatment available such as disk surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, robotics spine surgery, Neuromonitoring spine surgery, navigation spine surgery. The clinical care provided by the staff of hospitals is very good, and the medical infrastructure is also excellent.

Best treatment for the level of disorder

We provide therapy to different spine disorders depending on the patients’ health, level of confusion and the status of backbone. We come with both conventional and modern spine surgery techniques have one advantage in common. They both offer the ability for the patients to recover more quickly. In most cases, these part turn out to be their back or spine. A pretty large number of causes can frequently trigger this back or spine ache. Unfortunately, as everyone may have realised, surgery can be painful a commonly cause scars that are permanent as well.

Endoscopic surgery treatment in Ahmedabad: one of the least invasive methods that have a very select population that cab applies this too. Through a minimal incision, a camera is introduced into the disc space. This allows for access to the pathology involving the neural elements without the need for dissection through muscle and removal of bone.

The Advantage of endoscopic procedures over open surgery is:

  • It is small in size and less tissue trauma
  • Minimal blood loss
  • All over the activities and work is an earlier return
  • The more natural operative approach in obese patients
  • The process of recovery from surgery is much quicker
  • The operative procedure in obese patients much easier

The main benefits of minimally invasive surgery are smaller incision, less tissue dissection and less blood loss, leading to quicker recovery. Patients can have this procedure performed on an outpatient basis and do not require an inpatient stay.

In PUSHYA HOSPITAL, Different surgeries available for the treatment of spine surgery as the spine have the separation of the bone from another bone by discs soft tissue. This availability of world-class service makes India an ideal destination for abroad patients seeking low-cost spine surgery. The success rate of different spine surgery techniques is outstanding worldwide. All the spine disorders can be completely removed from the body with spine surgery.